As we wrote in previous articles, updating your Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 will delete the Wacom Feel IT drivers. 

For most users, simply installing the latest set published by Wacom on October 7 will restore pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, etc.  And for applications like Manga Studio or ArtRage 4, the native pen drivers may be all you need.

However, we're starting to hear from several users who say the update has killed pen control altogether. 

The problem appears to be related to having a keyboard cover attached while updating. I use a bluetooth keyboard with my Surface Pro, so I haven't experienced the issue. 

Here is the trouble thread from the Microsoft community 

If you have experienced this issue or have found a solution, please leave a comment below. 

UPDATE: Before updating to Windows 8.1, it may be beneficial to completely remove the Wacom drivers from your Surface Pro. This link contains useful information for how to thoroughly delete any files from your system: 

UPDATE 2:  Working with Facebook friend Paulo Dekkers this morning, we were able to get Windows 8.1 updated with pen support working.

Paulo made sure to delete the Wacom preferences file and then uninstalled the drivers (as described in step 1, here).  

The remaining steps were performed with the keyboard cover disconnected! 

It's probably not necessary for most users, but Paulo reverted to Windows 8 using his original backup media. He then confirmed that the pen worked correctly with the native drivers. 

Paulo then ran the Windows 8.1 update and the native drivers work fine with both the keyboard cover off or connected. 

I haven't heard whether he intends to reinstall the Wacom drivers, but it shouldn't be a problem. 

This procedure is similar to one performed by Twitter follower @JohnSlaughter, so there definitely seems to be some issue that is a combination of the Wacom drivers not being deleted entirely and the keyboard cover being connected during the Windows update.  

Let us know if this resolves your issue or you spot any other issues with your update.

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