New Surface Pro 2 user Jonathan Hill (@oneofthejohns on Twitter) has now gone through two devices that exhibit the issue depicted below.

All the usual fixes-- deleting the Wacom preferences and drivers, reinstalling the drivers, calibrating-- haven't managed to correct the problem.

Have any of you seen this behavior before? Better yet, have you found a fix? Please post your experiences and advice below. 

Jonathan Hill: "Here's a small video showing a problem I'm having with the calibration of my Surface Pro 2 after installing the Wacom WinTab driver. Even after I delete the driver and the preferences, it's still there, just not as pronounced. Also, I've tried calibrating multiple times, both the pen and the touch, as well as just reseting the calibration as well."

UPDATE: See the comments section below for Wacom's response.

AuthorRick Rodriguez