Like most of you, I've tended to dismiss tablets and convertibles that feature N-Trig digitizers that are limited to only 256 levels of pressure. However, I'm also first to admit that it's nearly impossible to distinguish more than a few pressure levels while drawing on the Surface Pro.  

The price and performance of Sony's Vaio tablets and convertibles is definitely appealing, especially with screen sizes ranging from 11 to 15 inches. 

I came across this video produced by Sony Vaio Duo 13 owner Scott Harris, which demonstrates Clip Studio Paint 1.2.7, ArtRage 4.0.5 and Sketchbook Pro 6.0.1 running very well at high resolutions. 

N-Trig drivers for Photoshop are still in beta, but if you don't require that functionality, I'd say the Sonys are definitely worth considering.


Excuse my horrible quick sketches. I got a chance to test the Sony VAIO Duo 13, and made this video to show how awesome it's digitiser works for digital art. Check out my stuff on Check out the review of this model here: My personal verdict: Perfect for Art, especially with Clip Studio Paint.