The trouble running Sculptris this morning prompted me to finally install ZBrush 4R5 onto the Surface Pro and I'm happy to report that the software runs surprisingly well.

I'm not a fan of the software's interface and it is especially cluttered on the Surface Pro, but it is impressive how responsive it is.

The video below by YouTube user Andrewty07 was recorded a while back before Wacom's updated drivers were released, but it gives a good idea of the experience of running ZBrush on the tablet.

We hope that Sculptris will run again, but the fact the software is free and still in Alpha (even though it hasn't been updated in several years) doesn't have us feeling too optimistic.

For more info on ZBrush, visit the Pixologic website.

UPDATE: A new Intel HD4000 driver corrects the problem with Sculptris. Read this post for more details.


AuthorRick Rodriguez