Jonathan Woodard is a professional designer, illustrator and animator who literally wrote a book on how to "Create Comics on the IPad." Also known as "mastajwood," he created the iPad comic book "Samuel J. Coffy: Action Panda Cop" and is currently working on a wide variety of comics projects and covers.

Jon recently made the switch to the Surface Pro and agreed to share some details on his workflow. The artwork below was created in Sketchbook Pro.

You can follow his work at

By Jonathan Woodard

I too have switched from using an iPad to Win 8 devices. I had originally switched to the Samsung ATIV Smart PC but after seeing how much smoother Sketchbook Pro was on the Surface Pro (in the Penny Arcade inking video), I now have switched to the Surface because of the i5 versus the ATIV Smart PC 500's Atom processor. I'm loving the switch and the Surface Pro is the perfect mobile creative tablet.

Below is a breakdown of my process, all done on the Surface Pro with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

First I do a really loose sketch of what I want. Keeping it really loose keeps the energy in the final piece.

Next I make a new layer and do the lineart for the body to make sure the shape is right.

I do the armor lineart on a new layer, so that I can have variant versions of the same print.

Next I lay down the flats. Skin and hair is on one layer, armor and clothing is on another layer.

Next I'll add the shadows and highlights. Shadows for the skin and hair again are separate from the shadow layer of the armor. Up to this point it's all been done in Sketchbook Pro. I'll then create my background using illustrator and comp the two together in Photoshop with final lighting and textures.

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