Celsys has posted its first update to the English and Chinese editions of Clip Studio Paint, the downloadable version of the popular paint package distributed worldwide as Manga Studio.

Although I haven't seen received any confirmation, we can presume that Smith Micro will soon offer this update to Manga Studio users. It's been difficult to predict the future of updates to either product since the developers decided to bifurcate distribution and banned Smith Micro from selling a downloadable version of the program. Despite selling only physical versions, Smith Micro has been able to continue to post electronic updates (most recently version 5.0.4)

There have been four releases of Japanese editions of Clip Studio Paint since it was first published in English last fall. Besides many stability improvements, version 1.3.1 introduces a variety of 2D/3D LT features, such as LT layer conversion, line extraction and tone gradient.


A full description of new features and changes can be found here: http://www.clipstudio.net./en/dl/release_note.

Even if you're a Manga Studio customer, it's worth downloading the free Clip Studio Paint 1.3,1 trial so you can become familiar with the new features while MS is being updated. To date, the two programs are nearly identical except for slight translation differences.

Download the Clip Studio Paint here.


AuthorRick Rodriguez