Writing this from somewhere above flyover country. The Microsoft announcement concluded a few moments ago. I'll leave it to writers on the ground to fill in the details.

The device sounds amazing. In fact, it's as if Microsoft's Surface team reads this humble blog.

BUT, the next generation Surface Pro 3 will be an NTrig device, not Wacom. So that means 256 levels of pressure vs. 1024 on the original two generations and 2048 on Cintiq Companions.

Perhaps more importantly, this means palm rejection and compatibility with important apps like ZBrush may be lacking.

The collective cries of disappointment emanating from my Twitter feed are deafening.

If you've read my Sony Flip 15A and Acer Aspire R7 reviews, you know I think NTrig is perfectly acceptable for sketching, but I recognize that serious artists are able to squeeze every ounce of pressure out of their stylii and this move relegates the Surface Pro line to the toy aisle.

When I get back to base camp next week, I'll begin a new feature: N-Trig, What Works, What Doesn't so we can all get an idea of the sacrifices we'll need to make in order to use the otherwise perfect Surface Pro 3.

AuthorRick Rodriguez