UK-based illustrator and concept artist Lawrence Mann has a terrific YouTube channel called LawrenceCanDraw that regularly features work produced on the Surface Pro 3, Corel Painter and Photoshop.

But recently Mann has been experimenting with the indie Windows Store app Sketchable and he's already produced some enviable work.

In his latest video, Mann provides a sneak peek at the new UI and tools included in an alpha version of  Sketchable 3.0. I'm a big fan of Sketchable and its young developers Silicon Benders. Their program is without a doubt the most robust Windows Store painting app available. I can't wait to try these new features myself.

In this video you can watch me using the awesomely powerful Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to Alpha-test (Like Beta-test but an earlier stage of development) Sketchable 3.0. I'm giving the app' a good test run and really trying to make sure that I use a fair number of the tools here.

AuthorRick Rodriguez