Since I'm unlikely to get my hands on either a Wacom MobileStudio Pro or Cintiq Pro anytime soon, I'll be offering videos from trusted reviewers as I find them.

(The MobileStudio Pro 16 went on sale in the US this week, but the Surface Studio will be my last hardware purchase for a very long time. Please remember to turn off your ad blocker, donate a couple of bucks or start your Amazon sessions via our product links to help defray the site's massive debt.)

First up is this very thorough walk-through of the MobileStudio Pro 13 from NihongoGamer. The video is very well produced and answers critical questions about fan noise, parallax, edge accuracy and much more. It's definitely worth a look and quite informative.

I've been testing the Wacom MobileStudio Pro for about a week but I've received a LOT of questions so hopefully this video will help you decide what to buy. After I've spent more time with it I plan to make a more in-depth review :) I'm on Twitter and Instagram as @NihongoGamer If you have a question feel free to ask it in the comments section below!

To my ears, the fans are running quite loudly during the ZBrush session. However, the fans on my Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 run at least as loudly on power up. What do you think?

AuthorRick Rodriguez