A report has surfaced on ZDNet Korea that Samsung is having patent issues with the ATIV Q. The Google translation is so wonky that it is very difficult to understand, but two English language blogs, The Droid Guy and  Pocketnow are speculating that this may be the reason why new information about the device has been so difficult to find since it was first announced earlier this summer.

Pocketnow's Stephen Schenck writes "it’s apparently tied to the dual-OS feature that’s one of the tablet’s big claims to fame."

This is also odd, considering Samsung's partner Wacom just this week announced a dual OS tablet, the Cintiq Companion Hybrid.  Are royalty payments partially responsible for the Hybrid's high cost?

We could care less about the Android integration and if this is indeed the issue, we hope Samsung will come up with a replacement device that keeps the 13.3-inch screen size and Wacom digitizer, bumps the Haswell processor to a Core i7, and adds 4 GB of RAM. We won't even mind if they drop the super hi-res screen display down to a standard 1920x1080. And perhaps dropping that screen might bring the pricetag below $1000?

That's all I want in a Surface Pro replacement. Wonder what manufacturer will be the first to make it a reality? 

AuthorRick Rodriguez