Kudos to reader Rick Malambri (@RickMalambri), who alerted us to the following: 

...there is a work around for Sculptris as well as Sketchbook Pro. If you had previously installed the latest Intel HD drivers (which everything ran fine on), and then you updated your surface with the latest firmware/updates, it overwrites the HD drivers, which causes conflicts with a some software (this includes SBP and Scultris). To fix this, just reinstall the latest HD drivers from the Intel website and everything should be back to working perfectly again.
PS: once you install those Intel drivers, Microsoft's update will say there is a new update to install. DO NOT install it, as it will revert back to old drivers and cause the issues again.
Hope this helps!!

The required Intel HD4000 driver is ( It is available 
for download from the Intel downloadcenter  or this direct link.

I installed it just now and confirmed that Sculptris runs again. And, even better, the driver allows you to enable canvas rotation in Sketchbook Pro. This latter crash bug sent us into a bit of a panic Friday!

UPDATE: Due to the nature of this site, I'm forced to install and uninstall more software than is wise. Can't say for sure whether that or one of Microsoft's latest round of updates (including today's firmware update) may have caused my Surface Pro to revert to older graphics drivers once again keeping Sculptris from launching. 

I downloaded and installed the May 10, 2013 ( or driver from the Intel download center and Sculptris runs again.



AuthorRick Rodriguez

For a little over a week, I've been concentrating on learning Manga Studio on the Surface Pro, so I hadn't tried to run Sketchbook Pro recently.  

Earlier today, I got a dreaded crash upon attempting to open SBP 6.01 that was very reminiscent of the crashes we reported last month.  My first guess was to try deleting the user preferences .xml file. This workaround fixed the previous crashes, but didn't work this time around.

Although I believe my Intel HD4000 driver was installed correctly, I went ahead and re-installed it. Upon reboot, Windows is advising me to install the 6/11/2013 System Hardware Update. I had first installed this update when it was released last week. There is no mention of this update involving the video driver.

Ignoring the update notice, I was able to load Sketchbook Pro again. 

I've done a quick search and haven't spotted anyone else reporting this issue. What about you? I hid the offending May update. Should I hide the June 11 update as well? Until we see confirmation, I advise Sketchbook Pro users to proceed with caution and avoid installing this update. 

AuthorRick Rodriguez
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