The Surface Pro and the other mobile devices we generally discuss on this site are awesome drawing tablets.

But let's face it: whether we're talking about 10 inches or 13, they're still cramped. Sometimes you just want -- no, need some elbow room. 

I'll admit that I envy those of you with 22- or 24-inch Cintiqs at work or at home. Though I've always wanted a B.A.T. (big ass tablet), I could never justify the cost of such an expensive toy. 

Recently, illustrator, designer and custom brush seller Ray Frenden (@Frenden) began reviewing much lower cost Wacom alternatives on his site His positive experience and reviews convinced me to take the plunge and order a Yiynova MVP22U(V2) tablet monitor. 

It's been waylaid in transit by a train derailment earlier this week (no lie), but I'll write up my experiences as soon as it arrives (assuming it's not lying under a freight car).

In the meantime, I thought I'd point you to this review by artist Jon Woodard (@mastajwood), who was inspired to try out the even lower priced Bosto Kingtee 19MA. I've read some horror stories online regarding Bosto's latest 22-inch model and canceled an order for one after Frenden tweeted some of his dismal results with a review unit.

However, Jon offers high praise for his new device in his post: And below, you can see his first output on the new tablet monitor.

If my pockets were DEEP,” writes Woodard, “I’d have a Cintiq 22HD without a doubt. As my pockets are more along the lines of ‘humble freelancer’ - the Bosto is perfection.

Drawn with Bosto 19" tablet monitor on Surface Pro.


AuthorRick Rodriguez