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As many readers discovered last month, Wacom's recent Feeldriver update introduced a bug which disabled the Surface Pro 1 and 2's volume buttons.

The company has now posted a new version, ISD_7.2.1-24, which corrects the issue as well as several others. You can download it here.

According to Mike Bagdanoff at Wacom, "The uses too much CPU. We tracked the problem to an expensive API call that someone slipped in (the culprit has been punished). On slow units it can cause a delay in the cursor movement in some apps."

The Feeldriver should work with any Wacom-equipped tablet PC. As the Wacom website states, "note that Surface Pro 3 is not a tablet with Wacom feel IT technologies and the driver should not be installed on Surface Pro 3." If you have any doubts about compatibility, download and run the WacomHardwareCheck utility found on the same page.

I haven't had a chance to test this new version yet, but please post your findings below. 

AuthorRick Rodriguez
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