MobileTechReview's Lisa Gade is back with a second Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga video review. Here's a link to her earlier look at the device.

This time, she specifically covers the performance of the pen and active digitizer, which looks very good. Are you sold?

I've seen a lot of mention of Wacom edge tracking issues recently and Lisa addresses the issue by drawing an edge all the way around the screen.  But except in those cases where the tracking is so bad that you can't access the file menu or other items in the interface, I believe the importance is somewhat overblown. Since the canvas is not fixed in any graphics application, it's a simple matter to slide a problem corner or other hard to reach spot into the center of the screen if necessary to paint into it.

I also rarely draw or work in a 1:1, menu-free set-up like she appears to be doing with Fresh Paint below. Do you?

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AuthorRick Rodriguez