For a little over a week, I've been concentrating on learning Manga Studio on the Surface Pro, so I hadn't tried to run Sketchbook Pro recently.  

Earlier today, I got a dreaded crash upon attempting to open SBP 6.01 that was very reminiscent of the crashes we reported last month.  My first guess was to try deleting the user preferences .xml file. This workaround fixed the previous crashes, but didn't work this time around.

Although I believe my Intel HD4000 driver was installed correctly, I went ahead and re-installed it. Upon reboot, Windows is advising me to install the 6/11/2013 System Hardware Update. I had first installed this update when it was released last week. There is no mention of this update involving the video driver.

Ignoring the update notice, I was able to load Sketchbook Pro again. 

I've done a quick search and haven't spotted anyone else reporting this issue. What about you? I hid the offending May update. Should I hide the June 11 update as well? Until we see confirmation, I advise Sketchbook Pro users to proceed with caution and avoid installing this update. 

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Some incompatibility in the latest Surface Pro updates has reared its ugly head and now made Sketchbook Pro unusable.

Twitter follower Policarpo (@echoopera) tweeted that enabling canvas rotation made the software crash on load.

Being the faithful servant to the Surface Pro creative community that I am, I investigated and found that enabling canvas rotation does indeed make the software unusable.

There's a GetSatisfaction thread on the issue here with some workarounds that involve rolling back the updates.

No official word from Autodesk yet, but we'll stay tuned.

In the meantime, anyone know how to adjust Sketchbook Pro's preferences without loading the software?

UPDATE: Found a workaround for getting the software to load again. Inside your UserName\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\SketchBook Pro directory is a file name userPreferences.xml. Delete this file and Sketchbook Pro will load in its factory state. Now don't touch that Enable Canvas Rotation setting!

I'll update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE 2: Fate Dreamer on GetSatisfaction wrote: "You can open the xml file and modify the value for the option. Search for Rotate Desktop Canvas (Or canvas, it's the first one) and set it to false. Works like a charm and you don't lose other settings." Duh. Thanks!

UPDATE 3: Installing the latest Intel HD4000 driver corrects the issue with enabling canvas rotation. See this post for details.

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