Digital artist and teacher Daarken has posted a very detailed and informative review of Wacom's first tablet pc to accompany his written review published earlier this month. Check them out.

This is my review of the new Wacom Companion. The version I have is the 256 GB Companion. In short, this computer is awesome. I highly recommend it and I will be using it for all of my professional work. Sorry for the dark video, I live in a cave.

AuthorRick Rodriguez

Penny Arcade web comic artist Mike Krahulik (Gabe, @CWGabriel) recently got a chance to take the Surface Pro for a test drive and wrote this exhaustive post about his experiences.

It's a great read and filled with useful nuggets for artists hoping to produce professional quality results with their new tablet.

Check it out here. He also posted a YouTube clip demonstrating his inking with Sketchbook Pro.

The artist's write-up is so good that it prompted Apple defender John Gruber at Daring Fireball to write the following: "How ironic would it be if the iPad becomes the dominant mass market computer and the Surface becomes the one for artists?"

Ironic indeed!