As your Windows 8 start screen begins to pile up with desktop applications, you'll start to wish you could better distinguish one program for another and make the individual program icons better coexist with splashy Modern UI apps.

That's where OblyTile comes in. This handy free utility lets you select the program icon you want to replace, identify an alternative and creates a new start screen icon in a matter of moments. And most importantly, it doesn't interfere with your existing start items so you can confirm that the program link works before removing the old icon.

You can find out more in this XDA developer thread. Lifehacker's writeup on OblyTile includes a link to an Iconset featuring over 400 Modern UI icons. The creator of those icons, dAKirby309 has an even larger set on his DeviantArt page that features the 3DS Max and Photoshop icons seen here.

For a quick walkthough of how to use OblyTile and dAKirby309's icons, check out the video below.

AuthorRick Rodriguez