17. Buy some new brushes

An artist is only as good as his or her tools and fortunately there are many devoted creatives working overtime to improve the drawing and painting experience with a fine collection of brushes for every possible effect.

Just a few of the ones we recommend:

Ray Frenden is the king of Clip Studio Paint brushes with a huge assortment of great choices for penciling, inking and paint. A couple of our favorites are the Hairpin Sable and Lando Calbrushian. Check them out at http://frenden.myshopify.com/#_=_.

Kyle Webster’s Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop is only $15 for over 200 amazing brushes that simulate oils, watercolors, pastels, inks, gouache and pencils. Check them out at http://www.kylebrush.com.

GlowingRaptor is a new entrant into the world of Clip Studio Paint brushes, but I’m particularly enamored with their collection of 61 cross-hatching brushes, available for only $5, available at https://gumroad.com/glowingraptor