Clip Studio Paint Pro


Celsys/Smith Micro


Current version: 1.5.4  -



·         Natural, realistic-looking pen strokes

·         Brush stabilization

·         Multitouch gestures

·         Pen mode

·         Recreation of various artistic media

·         Draw complicated patterns with one stroke

·         Draw vectors

·         3D materials and rulers

·         3D drawing figures

·         Close line gaps

·         Automatic creation of effect lines

·         Unlimited tones

·         PSD Support



                My go-to application, an absolute workhorse. The software every Windows tabletPC owner must own. My only minor quibbles: a few UI elements are small and difficult access and English language updates don’t come as frequently as their Japanese counterparts.

                Already a bargain at just under $50, the software is regularly discounted by 50% or more.

                As a big Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) enthusiast, I worry about the software’s future as more and more free alternatives become available.

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