Current version: 2016/09/19




·         Yibi Brush Engine - giving you power to create organic shapes like wielding a real brush

·         Moxi Paint Engine - with fluid dynamics bringing water-based paint sim to a whole new level

·         Youji Rendering Engine - allowing ultra-deep zoom with hybrid vector-raster representation



The development of Expresii traces back to 1999 when Computer Graphics researcher Nelson Chu first designed a 3D deformable virtual Chinese brush. Subsequently he deviced fluid-dynamics-based ink simulation, which was presented at SIGGRAPH 2005 under the name of MoXi. The MoXi brush and ink tech was licensed to Adobe in 2006. Expresii is a successor of MoXi developed by Nelson Chu over the past four years with improved simulation and rendering.

Without a doubt, Expresii is the most specialized art application in this list, but some of you may find it a useful tool.

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