As a reader of SurfaceProArtist blog, you are clearly a discerning member of the exclusive club of artistic tech enthusiasts who recognize the creative potential of Microsoft's high end tablet. 

Like us, you are probably starved for any morsel of information that might satisfy your hunger for greater understanding of the capabilities and shortcomings of the Surface Pro, Windows 8, other tablets and the wide array of creative applications.  

Below, in no particular order, are some of the websites and blogs we rely upon to provide useful information (and from whom we steal liberally-- with attribution, of course). 

Surface Tablet Help

Surface Geeks forums 

Windows RT Review

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Autodesk's The Area (Free Sketchbook Pro Tutorials)

Digital-Tutors Blog (Paid Subscription Tutorials) (Paid Subscription Tutorials) 

3D Buzz (Free and Paid Tutorials) 

3D-Palace (Free and Paid Tutorials)

Unity Learn (Free Learning Resources for the Unity 3d Game Engine)