MediBang Paint Pro


MediBang Inc.


Current version: 10.0



·         Cloud features

·         800 tones

·         50+ brushes

·         20+ fonts

·         Group projects

·         Comic panel creation

·         Comic page management



                The largest free competitor to Clip Studio Paint, MediBang Paint Pro seems to come from the same code base as FireAlpaca and OpenCanvas and just like those programs, I have a hard time understanding its business model or sustainability.

FireAlpaca users will find many of the same commands and interface elements, but I find the interface too small and cluttered and a bit difficult to use on the Surface Pro 4. Gesture zooming, panning and rotation is not very fluid and there’s no easy way that I could find to return to a neutral position. I also couldn’t find a way to disable touch painting, which is a real problem when you are relying on your fingers for moving around the canvas.

                MediBang is an excellent choice for users who need to share projects between Windows, Android and iOS devices.

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