Escape Motions


Current version: 1.5



·         New, more realistic paint blending for watercolors and acrylics

·         New options for watercolors and acrylic - Permanent, Normal, Dirty and Clean brushes

·         Touch gestures for Wacom, Surface and other tablets - rotate, move and resize layers easily with two fingers

·         Language selection support: English, German, Spanish, Korean and Slovak

·         More flexible user interface, panels can be locked to left, right, top and down borders

·         New panel Tilt, with optional use of tablet accelerometer

·         Multitouch gestures for touch tablets - rotate, pan and zoom canvas

·         Rotate and mirror canvas

·         Greyscale preview of painting

·         New pick color tool

·         Color Sets with custom colors

·         Create Color Set from any image



                Of the applications in this list, I’ve spent the least amount of time with Rebelle. Version 1.5 was just released last week. But at first glance, there’s a lot to like here. The software takes advantage of the Surface Pro 4’s touch features and the clean accessible UI is dynamically scaleable.

                Although I’m not a painter by any stretch of the imagination, I look forward to diving deeper into this program.

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