Surface Pen performance nearly stops the Go

The surprisingly capable new tablet is almost undone by its companion pen.

Video details Surface Book 2 real world performance

As I continue to struggle to find time to complete my review, here are some interesting findings from Tablet Pro's Justice Frangipane.

Surface Book 2 15 First Impressions

Having too much fun to crank out a proper write-up.

Nuvision, Adonit enter Windows pen market

New pens cost significantly less than Surface Pen.

Yiynova 'all-in-one' has the magic touch

The affordable pen display maker adds touch capability and throws in a compute stick for good measure.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15 with S-Pen is a real contender

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Samsung Galaxy Book is the choice for drawing on the go

Windows users no longer have to envy Samsung's Android offerings.

Lenovo Yoga 720 with NVidia 1050 is new performance champ

Benchmarks show the VAIO Z Canvas has finally met its match.

New Surface Pro and Surface Pen are killer combo

There's nothing not to like...except the pricing strategy.

New Surface Pen worth the $100 upgrade?

Until tilt compatibility for your device is confirmed, proceed with caution.