Ambient Design Ltd.


Current version: 4.5.10



·         Natural painting tools (oil brush, paint roller, paint tube, watercolor, airbrush)

·         Sketching & drawing tools

·         Special Effect tools (sticker spray, gloop pen, cloner, glitter tube)

·         Stencils and rulers

·         Toolbox and workbench

·         Canvas presets

·         Tracing images

·         References, scraps, views

·         Layers and blend modes

·         PSD support



                Lack of pen mode continues to be the Achilles’ Heel of this otherwise very capable software. Users continue to clamor for it and the community manager is becoming downright defensive: “I’m not saying it definitely isn’t possible or won’t happen in the future – but currently, it’s close enough to impossible *for ArtRage* that we haven’t yet added it.”

                Although the program claims to support gestures, I wasn’t able to get them to work on a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

                This is a shame because this is a very fun, capable application and despite being designed for desktop, it features one of the cleanest, touch friendliest interfaces available.

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