UPDATE October 3:  ArtRage 4 was one of the very first graphics apps we purchased specifically for the Surface Pro. And it still holds up as one of the best and least expensive tablet graphics tools available for Windows.

Nearly a year ago, ArtRage user Stephen Berry decided to make the program even friendlier for tablet users by releasing the Pen-Only Toolbar.  

Now Berry is back with the official 1.0 release, along with a helpful YouTube video describing the improvements since the last release in March. 

This video provides a guide and demo for the newest version of the Artrage Pen-Only Toolbar. This toolbar is offered for free and can run in conjunction with Artrage to give you a host of really quick, dedicated buttons on screen.

Installation is still a little tricky: it involves running a tool called Auto Hotkey and using it to install the toolbar.  

The ArtRage Pen-Only Toolbar download, located here, includes Auto Hotkey and a PDF with installation instructions.

Give it a try and let us know if you think it enhances ArtRage's usefulness on the Surface Pro. 

Below is our original post from March 11. 

* * * 

While you're waiting for your bluetooth keyboard to arrive (see the previous Must-have Accessories post), an intrepid ArtRage user has developed a tool that eliminates the need for a keyboard while using that application. 

We haven't installed it yet but it looks like an elegant solution to a major issue facing anyone trying to use a desktop paint application on the Surface Pro with its keyboard detached.

For more information, follow the ArtRage community link here.

AuthorRick Rodriguez