I'm not convinced that the Windows 10 Tech Preview released yesterday will do anything to enhance my life with the various Surface Pros and multiple Windows touch capable devices I own, so I'm taking it uncharacteristically slowly.

Yesterday, I installed the bits on my secondary desktop and I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it will grow on me, but right now it feels like a big step backwards. Instead of deprecating Metro/Modern, I wanted to see the Windows 8 UI refined and enhanced so that it could better replace the traditional desktop mode.

I'm now installing the preview on my original Surface Pro 1 and will offer my thoughts within the next couple of days. I don't intend to install the operating system on any other devices until Microsoft releases Continuum, which will enable users to switch more seamlessly between desktop and tablet modes.

However, I know many of you are tempted to install Windows 10 on your shiny (almost) new Surface Pro 3s and are eager to know what to expect. Fortunately for us, the guys at Windows Phone Central have done it and posted a very nice video review of their first impressions. Enjoy!

First look at Windows 10 Technical Preview running on the Surface Pro 3. Make sure you read more about it, including some things that do not work here: http://www.wpcentral.com/some-thoughts-about-windows-10-preview-surface-pro-3


AuthorRick Rodriguez