I'm still confused about Autodesk's pricing for the upcoming Sketchbook Pro. Apparently the 2015 edition is only available to certain Enterprise customers as part of one of the company's many subscription plans.

But a consumer update to Sketchbook Pro 6 is apparently on the way in June and judging, by this video, it looks like a major upgrade with Perspective Guides, 3d lighting and even some animation features.

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Sketchbook.com also has a blog post featuring more details on the upcoming perspective guides, which include a fisheye mode. Manga Studio users shouldn't feel jealous, artist guru Doug Hills is preparing his own curvilinear rulers for release this week. 

UPDATE 5/12/14: Hills released his ruler set this afternoon. Check them out here: http://doughillsart.myshopify.com/products/manga-studio-5-curvilinear-rulers

AuthorRick Rodriguez