The Foundry


Current version: 2.1.4




·         Infinite canvas

·         Brush palette

·         Export PNG and JPG

·         Dock favorite brushes

·         Custom color swatches

·         Layers

·         Backgrounds and papers

·         Export PSD with layers



                Mischief looked like a minor miracle when it first appeared on the scene from indie developer 61 Solutions. The vector drawing program behaves like a raster paint tool until you zoom in and see that curves are perfectly preserved without a pixel in sight.

                The Foundry purchased the software with a lot of fanfare but hasn’t issued an update since late 2015. The founder of the project left the company around the same time.

                Despite this, the software is still worth exploring. It behaves extremely well on Windows tablet PCs, offering UI scaling, multitouch gesture support and a setting for disabling touch input.

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