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19. Create an on-screen toolbar

Desktop UIs are getting better about understanding high dpi displays and offering scaling or touch friendly settings, but sometimes you just need a keyboard.

On-screen toolbars allow you to create handy palettes of commands you can dock and keep within reach without resorting to your keyboard.

Tablet Pro from LoveSummerTrue is available in the Windows Store and works in conjunction with another set of applications you download directly from their website. It’s geeky and a little daunting, but the developers help by having created some really thorough toolbars (called Artist Pads in the software) for Photoshop, ZBrush and others.

According to a video dated November 26, the utility now allows you to remap the Surface Pen’s side button, which has been one of Microsoft’s most annoying omissions.

Tablet Pro is a little pricey at $25 all-in, but it’s worth the cost and effort if you miss your shortcuts and want to work exclusively in tablet mode.

There are also a couple of free alternatives, RadialMenu and Toolbar Creator, which you can read about here. The problem with both of those is that their developers seem to have abandoned the projects.